Welcome to The Price CPA Group. P.C.

We are located in beautiful Pinehurst, NC the U.S. home of golf. Our firm is comprised of two Owners (Denise & Jeff Price) as well as one employee.

We service a broad spectrum of clients due to our collective history and experience. Our firm’s focus tends to be on local businesses who can benefit from our tax knowledge and accounting experience. Denise works with client on their QuickBooks problems and helps them to better understand what they are trying to do with their accounting books and records. While Jeff tends to focus on the tax aspects of transactions and net tax impact of selection of form of doing business and how best to minimize the tax costs of running a business.

We encourage you to contact either one of us with your questions or concerns regarding business matters or personal tax concerns and see if we can help you arrive at a solution that is best for you.

Thank you for visiting us today!

Denise & Jeff Price