A new buzz that is sweeping the nation

Whether or not you voted for Trump, there seems to be a new buzz permeating the land regarding a new optimism for the future of business in the world. I can't put my finger on it yet, but the worldwide stock markets seem to be sending us a signal that businesses are beginning to feel more optimistic than they have in many years. President Obama never hide his disdain for large businesses and used them as a scapegoat for many of the world's problems and his lack of any tangible positive accomplishments. President Bush never seemed to connect with the people that wanted him to succeed.

Now we get a person who seems to be the ultimate deal maker on the planet, who wants to turn his skill set from business into government. I am sure he will have many roadblocks thrown in his way as he tries to apply business methods and  tactics to dealing with the "governing class". But this time, our new President has the "people" on his side. This President also is the first to "call out" those he thinks are harming him and America. The way he calls them out is also a first by using technology (Twitter, etc.) to go directly to the American people and avoid any taint or re-packaging of his message by the old media.

Trump has already negotiated for and obtained, new and retained jobs for American workers. Trump's fundamental difference from the others in the past seems to be the fact that he wants America to win first, and then other countries. For almost the last thirty years we have been told by out politicians that we now live in a global society and that we are no longer the "big dog" leading the pack. Trump doesn't see it that way and wants the people of America to regain our place in the world as the nation all others look up to.

What has all this got to do with business? Like it or not we are a "trickle down" economy whereby when the biggest companies do well, they rely on the smaller companies to feed them products and services to keep that momentum going. This creates new opportunities where none existed, or revives industries that had gone dormant years ago. In a choice for a worldwide job to either be here in the U.S. or somewhere else in the world, Trump picks the U.S. first. By using certain incentives and sticks Trump can make it very good for business to come to America or stay in America. Those businesses who decide to go against this manner of thinking do so at their own risk.

Whereas we do not know what the future may bring, we can be certain that we now have a President who seems to want his constituents to have the jobs first and to use their new found wealth to revive economies all over the world.